Cloud Accounting SolutionsWeb-based "financial office"

Automates the way we work with you to streamline your bill payments, online invoicing, cash flow management, and payroll processing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run e-Dashboard on my own computer?

No. The e-Dashboard™ is a Software as a Solution that provides QuickBooks hosting. We provide an Internet-based product. All you need is access to the Web and a browser.

How secure is my data?

Our data center is state of the art featuring multi-layer redundancy, Cisco firewalls, and Cisco routers. The facility has a large uninterrupted power supply for a backup of the total environment and servers include mirror disk imaging and RAID implementation within our SAS-70 Type II data center.

How do I find a document?

Locate a document in seconds by entering a keyword in our easy search tool.

When Can I access my Quickbooks information?

Anytime. You can access your Quickbooks information at any time using any browser and an internet connection. Your financial information can be accessed 24/7 because it is all hosting in the cloud, using a multi-layered secure data center.

Services Offered

  • e-Box Paperless office, Electronic filing cabinet +

    Scanning and electronic filing of your financial information into the Online Office's Electronic Document Management system for reduced paper storage
  • e-Pay Pro Authorize and pay bills online +

    Cash flow management and authorization of bill pay by on-line payment or issued check. We pay all your bills on time.
  • e-Pay Categorize and record bills. +

    Categorization and recording of bills and business transactions into the QuickBooks® file to minimize tax liabilities; Accounts payable set up in QuickBooks®
  • e-Sales Customization and delivery of business invoices. +

    Customization, preparation and delivery of business invoices for products and services. Accounts Receivable set-up and collection for invoices.
  • e-Payroll Process payroll and taxes +

    Payroll processing, comprehensive payroll tax services and human resources: Entry of individual employee checks and payroll taxes into Quickbooks® file. Never cut another payroll check again!
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  • Remote Access
  • Anywhere Remote Access
  • Employment Overhead Savings
  • Secure Storage
  • On Demand Financial Reports
  • Manage Financials
  • On-line Bill Payment
  • Customized Accounting
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • No "Accountants Copy"
  • Faster Turn Around
  • Instant Online Access


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Certified SOC2/SSAE16 Data Center

Our 80,000 square foot data center is a SOC2/SSAE16 certified center that features:

  • 12+ Megawatts of uninterrupted power
  • Cisco firewalls
  • Cisco routers
  • Mirror disks
  • Rain implementation
  • N+1/2N or better Redundancy
  • Biometric hand scanner
  • CCTV Digital Surveillance
  • Motion Detection on all data center floors
  • Seamless private Layer 2 transport


SSAE 16 - SOC 2 Compliant

Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16, commonly abbreviated as SSAE 16 is the new standard for reporting on controls at service organizations, essentially replacing American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Statement on Auditing Standards no. 70, simply known as SAS 70.  SSAE 16 verifies that the controls and processes set in place by a data center are actually followed, and  also requires verification of design and operating effectiveness. SSAE 16 goes beyond SAS 70 by requiring an auditor to obtain a written assertion from management regarding the design and operating effectiveness of the controls being reviewed.  SSAE 16 also provides better alignment with the international audit standard ISAE 3402.

AICPA SSAE16 The AICPA’s reporting framework, known as  Service Organization Control Reports SM, was developed in 2011 and consists of three major document types. The first – the SOC 1 SM report - deals with controls over financial reporting, and replaces the widely used SAS 70 report. The SOC 2 SM  report, meanwhile, focuses on controls that bear on a service provider’s security, processing integrity and operating availability, as well as the confidentiality and privacy of data moving through its systems. A third report, SOC 3 SM, is a compressed version of the SOC 2 SM  and is designed for public distribution.