community involvementFor one day each year, all the employees and partners of Strickler & Prieto, LLP work on the same client.  instead of providing business consulting advice or accounting and tax services, our team members are washing, painting, caulking or anything we can to help out our community.  This day is affectionately called "Community Impact Day" by employees.  What we find is that the one day where our employees can participate in something that is not their normal daily client service,  they really develop a camaraderie and bonding that carries over into the office atmosphere.  It's all a lot of work, but well worth the effort. 

We are continually searching for new opportunities to provide our services to the community.  Every year we evalute and vote on which project we would like to participate in and has the greatest needs.   We plan well ahead of the official impact date and will coordinate with you on your needs and devise a plan of action to maximize our time together.  We'll even bring the coffee!    If you would like to contact us for consideration into your community project or non-profit organization, please give Elaine a call at 915-532-2901 or email us here.


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