Winter is here and, with it, severe weather and other threats. Although you can’t foresee every disaster, you can put together a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan that addresses most potential threats. Three areas to focus on are:

1. People. Form a disaster recovery team that includes one representative from each department, or at least enough members to ensure no area of your company is left out. The team should oversee your plan and facilitate evacuations.

2. Technology. Have a Web-based text or e-mail system in place to communicate with employees and vendors. Also, back up and preserve your data — either via off-site disk backups or a cloud-based solution.

3. Insurance. Review your company’s insurance at least annually. Do you have enough coverage to replace lost assets and otherwise restore, rebuild or, if necessary, relocate your operations?

If you have no formal disaster plan, get basic protections in place immediately. But, from there, take your time to get a comprehensive plan right. Whether you need to create a new disaster preparedness plan or update an established one, please contact us. We can help.

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