Compare progress to plan. Don’t rely on vague notions of why your succession plan isn’t working. Identify the specific gaps in its execution. Also consider how your impaired plan is affecting your company’s bottom line, productivity and morale.

Be a communicator. Inform key parties about the problems, such as your successor, members of your board of directors or advisory board, managers, family and key nonfamily employees, shareholders and investors, and professional advisors such as your attorney and accountant.

Hit the pause button, if necessary. Don’t be afraid to retain control of the business a little longer while your next-in-line resolves his or her shortcomings or while other problems are resolved. Alternatively, you might name an interim CEO.

Revisit your successor choice. In extreme cases, a business owner may simply need to find a new leader-to-be. Remember, no one can afford to continue investing in someone who can’t successfully drive the company forward.

We’d be happy to review your succession plan and provide insights into its strengths and potential weaknesses.

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