Our assurance and advisory services go far beyond basic attestation functions. Our business-oriented approach will help you achieve your corporate objectives and goals, strengthen your management processes and improve profitability.audit

Your selection of an auditing and accounting firm centers on forming a relationship with people. That is why we place such a premium on judgement and personal chemistry. To accomplish this, we demand superior technical and interpersonal skills of the people we hire and promote. The people we bring into our firm are chosen for their personal qualities - their demonstrated perceptiveness, their ability to think strategically, their communication and project management abilities, and their energy and commitment to client service.

Risk-Focused Audit Approach

We apply a top-management prospective to the issue of identifying specific audit and business risks, that is, the likelihood that a specific business risk will impair the integrity of your financial statements. You will benefit firectly from this approach because we allocate our resources on the basis of specific risk ikdentification at all appropriate levels. We then focus on these precisely defined areas, rather than treat all business activities as if they were of equal risk or to assign random or arbitrary levels of risk

Audit Efficiency

We further promote audit efficiency through the use of microcomputer-based audit programs that allow us to work smarter instead of longer. We utilize innovative auditing tools and sophisticated technology, such as those that assist in the evaluation of internal control, analytical review and the computerized selection of items for testing.

Identification of Improvement Opportunities

During the course of the audit, our partners, managers and staff will be alert to identifying improvements that may be made in financial controls or operational efficiencies. As part of our preliminary review procedures, we will observe your operations and raise questions and exchange ideas with your people in many areas: internal controls, data processing, financial structure and cash management.

Internal Audit Services

Strickler & Prieto LLP has a full complement of service offerings designed to assist organizations in enhancing the effectiveness of their Internal Audit function. Our methodology is based on recognized internal auditing standards of internal controls as defined in the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) of the Treadway Commission. This framework ensures a consistent risk-based approach for evaluating the control environment.

Our Internal Audit services include:

  • Co-sourcing and outsourcing internal audit
  • Risk-based audit plan, design, and review
  • Internal audit and audit committee charter creation and review
  • Peer Review Services
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices
  • New internal audit department structuring and formation
  • Information technology audits, including security
  • Forensic and special investigations

Strickler & Prieto LLP's experienced professionals deliver independent advice on Internal Audit effectiveness by providing recommendations on adequacy of resources, enhancements of process, proper organizational positioning and independence. Focusing on these key factors, we will help ensure that the Internal Audit function is a highly effective part of an organization's management of business risks.