Our State and Local Tax Department is designed to implement creative strategies to improve your bottom line by recovering overpaid state and local taxes. In addition, our firm assists in developing methods to assist in future state and local tax management.

Our State and Local Tax team can help in one or more of the following areas:

  • Audit Defense - Provide assistance in managing a state and local tax audit.  Can assist from the start of an audit through the redetermination process.
  • Reverse Audits - Review your business operations and accounting records to identify and secure overpayments of state and local taxes.
  • Client Systems Reviews - Provide an overall review of your  accounting and internal control system for handling sales and use tax compliance.
  • Percentage Based Reporting - Assist in determining taxability through a percentage based reporting method and assess tax refunds using a sampling method.
  • Managed Audits - Conduct a review and analysis of your records to determine a tax liability.  This is a cooperative effort to conduct sales tax audits in an efficient manner
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements - Assist in negotiating and complying with state tax laws by limiting outstanding state tax liabilities and related penalties and interest.
  • Nexus Surveys - Determine a company's liability to collect and remit sales and use taxes in different state and local taxing jurisdictions. This would also include structuring business operations to minimize tax collection responsibilities in different jurisdictions.
  • Transactional Planning - Focus on structuring transactions to minimize sales and use taxes for specific projects and acquisitions such as construction projects and equipment purchases.
  • Merger and Acquisition Reviews  - Assist in minimizing your state and local tax exposure when purchasing a new or existing business.
  • Client Training Seminars - Provide taxability seminars specific to your industry needs and develop internal reference materials.