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Cross-Border Tax Implications?

Answers to international tax situations

Services Made SimpleHelping Your Business Conquer The Impossible

El Paso, TX Certified Public Accounting Firm

At Strickler & Prieto, we provide a complete range of international tax, accounting, financial, business and consulting services.   Our professional team is experienced in international business structures, tax planning and general business consulting.  

We understand the challenges of foreign exchange, and U.S. and foreign income tax laws.

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  • Cloud Accounting Solutions

    With an Online Accounting Solution, you no longer have to wait until the end of the business cycle to find out how your business is performing.
    Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reports available anytime, anywhere keep you intelligently informed of your profits, losses, and growth potential
    Professional trained account managers categorize your finances for maximized tax benefits.
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  • How The Cloud Works

    Remote access to Quickbooks files: e-dashboards available 24/7.
    Paperless document storage and retrieval system: converts paper to electronic documents reducing the real time and space normally taken for sorting, filing and storing paper documents. Documents are categorized and filed in digital filing cabinets. When you are out of your office, you continue to have access to all documents.
    Multi-layered security: secure data center, daily backup, access controls, biometric surveillance, power feeds, hot swappable servers and routers in the event of a power outage, intrusion detection system, personnnel background checks and certifications
    Easy-to-use: Simply scan in your documents. We take care of the rest.
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  • Benefits of Cloud Accounting

    Remote Access to Financial Information Online

    Accurate Daily Financial Outlook

    Savings in Employment Taxes, Overhead Costs, No Employee Turnover

    Secure, Electonic Storage of Information

    Financial Reports to Make Informed and Timely Decisions

    Consolidate and Manage Your Information

    Online Bill Payment

    Accounting, Bookkeeping and Taxes Customized Online to Meet Your Needs

    Data is stored securely at a SAS90 Type II Data Center

    Provides Disaster Recovery Plan for your Business
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